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Interviewing Prep

Now that the CAAPID application and others have been open for a while and you’ve probably submitted your application (or almost), then you may start day dreaming about receiving that coveted interview invitation. But, just as you feel that warm excitement about earning an interview invitation, it may quickly fade as you seriously consider…then what? This is when you start wondering about how to prepare for the BIG interview. Are you asking yourself: What should I say and not say? What questions do I struggle with the most? What are my strengths and weaknesses? Some deep reflection and multiple rounds of drafting your answers may help point you in the right direction.

As you prepare, take a look at this video that I came across on Big Think, one of my favorite resources online for new and creative ideas, talking about preparing for the interview. Although this video is specific to job interviewing, it parallels nicely with the academic interview. Watch carefully and see how Leadership Expert Michelle Tillis Lederman, Author and Speaker, discusses some tricky situations and the importance of likeability.

After watching this video, start jotting done your own notes about what you would say when asked about your weaknesses. Think about what other questions you may struggle with and the no-so-great parts of your application that may arise during the interview. And just as important, start writing down your best experiences that help you shine as a leader and innovator who is driven by a unique passion. To practice and polish your answers, remember, I offer interview coaching for the dental school interview, and any other kind of interviewing, to help you prepare your best answers while considering your attitude, body language, and likeability.

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