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The first page of a novel can often dictate whether you read the next page and ultimately the whole book. In much the same way, a personal statement is like an invitation to learn more about you and why your essay is one of many in a big stack of potential candidates. But, designing a "hook" is often harder than it looks.

Every time I meet with a client I am looking for something that stands out about their background, their life experiences, or character. I'm looking for a piece of a story to tell. It's often easy to start by asking, "Has there been an obstacle or challenging experience in your life that you've had to overcome?" But not everyone can say yes to this question. So then what? Then I start probing for my information. It's kind of like going on a first date. I want to know it all! But, don't worry, everything you share with me and whatever we work on together is strictly confidential. Write4u is available to anyone who needs help with an essay, whether it be writing, editing, or brainstorming, but I understand that it doesn't work for all budgets. That's why I love this video to help you get started. If you're thinking about writing your personal statement and not sure where to start, then check out this video. This video is also great about discussing what NOT to put in the statement of purpose. Remember, it's your story! Focus on YOU and your experience. And, her pointers about what to INCLUDE in the statement of purpose are spot on! Still not sure what to write, then message me for more information about how I can help you stand out from the stacks (and stacks) of essays.

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