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About Noel:


I am many titles, but some of my favorites are writer, mom, wife, yoga lover, playground enthusiast, Longhorn football fan, NPR listener, and friend. When I am not writing, I am running around and enjoying family life with my 3 children (2 girls and a boy) and constantly pursuing balance and peace. I love cooking naturally and learning about wellness. Since I was a young child, I dreamed of helping others as a physician and thought I might grow up to be a neurologist and cure brain cancers. I pursued this path throughout college, supporting myself by working in the emergency room. Still, after graduating from college, I decided I really liked academic life and returned to obtain a master's degree. It was then that I found a love for educating. So, it was the blending of my science brain and creative writing brain that brought me to create Write4u, helping international dentists, physicians, and others achieve their goals.   


JustWrite4U was established with the sole purpose of helping individuals meet their academic and career goals through creative writing and coaching. My mission is to offer attentive, personalized services that allow clients to feel confident about their future. I love using my creative writing skills to tell a story. I also love interviewing and watching my clients grow in just a few meetings. It's exciting to partner with my clients and finally, get the "acceptance" email!


I've always had a knack for writing and enjoyed the creative process of crafting words into wonderful stories that touch the reader. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English, then a Master of Arts in Humanities focused on English, and finally earned a teacher certification. In graduate school, I spent time teaching English Literature and worked as a freelance writer in my spare time. After that, I spent several years working in the career and technology field as an Assistant Director of Career Services, helping students prepare for their careers and college applications, as well as for interviews. I taught workshops on interview prep, professionalism, and resume and cover letter building. As I continued my freelance writing, more and more clients came to me from referrals because of successful outcomes. After starting a family, I focused on creative writing and coaching while making time for family adventures. 
Over the years, I have carved out a unique niche by helping international dental, and medical students apply to U.S. universities. These highly competitive programs demand a great deal of dedication just to apply. However, I greatly enjoy meeting people from all around the world and bringing their stories to life, easing their stress as they complete the application cycle. It's a joy to become a part of my clients' life and celebrate their successes!


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