Services Offered


Statement of Purpose

One of the most important components of your application to help you secure an interview invitation.

We will start with a video consultation when I can collect all the necessary information and find out more about you. During this time, we will discuss your experiences, strengths, weaknesses, and future goals while outlining a draft for your statement of purpose. We will also discuss what to expect as we continue to work together.  


Interview Prep

Mini-Prep and Intensive Prep sessions are available depending on your needs. Crunched for time, then do for the Crash Course to improve your interview.

It works! Build skill and confidence before the big day. Get personalize notes to direct your practice and a list of questions that have actually been asked at interviews.

Through these sessions, I will help you prepare thoughtful questions to ask, share advice about what to wear, and provide practice notes that are unique to your prep.



Curriculum Vitae (CV's and Resumes)

As part of your application, you may need a perfectly formatted and key-word written CV. I will draft a professional and academic CV's as required for your application. If you are seeking employment, internship, or shadowing opportunity, you may need a resume with just the right summary to get their attention.


Supplemental Essays

Take advantage of advice and direction for drafting detailed and professional supplemental responses that match the style of your statement of purpose.


Letters of Recommendation

Ask for a review of your letters for advice on what to revise for a strong presentation. If you have letters that need to be requested, get help with the "who" and "how" as well as an outline for letters. 


Application Review 

There are several ways you can securely get a second set of eyes on your application before you hit "submit". 

Thank You Notes and Follow-up Emails

Don't forget about these important elements too!



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